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Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal, Fun Ideas for Bored Kids

With summer right around the corner, I'll have a house full of bored kids. I'm trying to come up with some interesting things we can do that are fun and frugal. Aside from sending a couple of them off to summer camp (not really cheap but they need the break) we don't have much planned this year. Here are my ideas so far..

Going on picnics - Even if it's just on our own patio, it should break up the monotony of things a bit.

Visit any local museums. There are a few that I know of that we've never been to. I'm pretty sure they're free too.

Free concerts - They hold concerts every week throughout the summer at area parks. I need to find a list and choose which ones they'll enjoy most.

Library - We'll visit the local library to rent movies and check out some great books. Our library even has a story time and special activities for kids.

Computers - There are lots of fun sites that are child friendly and geared toward kids.

Draw pictures or color in coloring books - Coloring has always been one of my favorite things to do. Fingerpainting is another fun thing we'll have to try.

Cook together - This will teach them skills they'll need in the future and also be fun. I'll be seeking some easy, kid friendly recipes that we can all make together.

Boardgames - This is an old standby but it can be lots of fun. We can also play charades, hangman or a card game like go fish.

Go to the mall- You don't have to spend money to have a good time at the mall. People watching is fun, and we can enjoy the air conditioning and hit the sales racks for bargains. One local mall has a pet store, and we won't miss out on that!

Read books to each other- It's really fun to start reading and then take turns making up your own endings. I love some of the things the kids come up with. They have great imaginations.

Treasure hunts - I give each child a dollar or two and head out to the thrift stores and yard sales to see what cool things they can find for their money.

Water battles - use old, rinsed out shampoo bottles or dish soap bottles, squirt guns and pails.

What activities do you do during the summer to occupy the kids?

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  1. I only have one son and he's 21 years old, so I don't have this problem anymore...although, keeping a Pom Pup and Hubs from getting bored can be pretty difficult...grin..

    When Son was younger we would have picnics on the living room floor...and we would play games or read a book...once I hung a homemade star on the ceiling and we laid there and made wishes on the first star we saw that night...grin...

    Spending time with them is what they will remember most...Have fun!