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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Frugal wedding gift ideas that aren't "cheap"

With the summer months coming up, I know there will be a lot of weddings because, 'tis the season. This got me thinking about budget friendly wedding gifts. I wouldn't want to give something just because it's cheap, would you? Sometimes with a little thought and creativity, you can create an inexpensive gift that will be adored and may even become an heirloom. I've come up with a few resourceful ideas that not only would I feel comfortable giving but I know I'd love to receive.

Create a photo album or scrapbook with pictures of them from infancy up to their wedding. Ask family members to help supply pictures!

Make a "his and hers" journal with pages for each to enter thoughts about the wedding, honeymoon and early married life. This will be fun for them to look back on in later years and share with their family.

Make a great gift basket for two with gourmet coffee and personalized mugs.

Place their wedding invitation in a nice frame with matting.

Create a DVD with video footage of them through their relationship. You can also make a slideshow of photos set to music!

Buy a laundry basket or some other storage container and fill it with cleaning supplies, personal care items and other things perfect for a newly married couple just starting out.

Make a cookbook with recipes from their family and friends. Be sure to add plenty of blank pages so they can include their own favorites.

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